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Beginner's Guide to DHTML Take Home version

As a self-proclaimed webmaster, I try my best to keep up with the latest in web technology. My current endeavor is DHTML, or Dynamic HTML. After hearing a lot about this technology and how it will eventually revolutionize the internet, I thought I had to get off the couch and start learning about it, before I lose the right to call myself a "webmaster". If you're just as clueless as I am when it comes to DHTML, this is the site for you. I'll be using this place to share with you what I've learned (and am learning) about Dynamic HTML. They say it's never too late to learn anything. I say, it's never too early either!

This is the take-home version of the Beginner's Guide to DHTML. It was created in response to literally hundreds of emails requesting I make the tutorial downloadable. This version allows you to read the tutorials in the comfort of their own computer, without having to pay for excess internet charges.  It is an exact replica of the online version. This tutorial may be re-distributed by educators and teachers for educational purposes. Please read complete usage terms here.

Here's a brief TOC listing what's on this site:

blebul2a.gif (318 bytes) Lesson 1- What is DHTML?
blebul2a.gif (318 bytes) Lesson 2- DHTML in NS 4- The <layer> tag
blebul2a.gif (318 bytes) Lesson 3- DHTML in IE 4
blebul2a.gif (318 bytes) Lesson 4- Dynamic content
blebul2a.gif (318 bytes) Lesson 5- Moving elements around in the document
blebul2a.gif (318 bytes) Lesson 6- Creating cross-browser DHTML

Recommended DHTML Resources...
blebul2a.gif (318 bytes) Dynamic Drive: This is probably the best DHTML examples site on the net. If you're like me, and love to learn programming through examples, then this is the site for you. Contains nicely written DHTML scripts with source code, so you can eat your heart out with DHTML delight!

blebul2a.gif (318 bytes) Webcoder: Webcoder.com is an excellent continuation of this site, with advanced DHTML tutorials.

This site is copyrighted 1998 David Gardner. All rights reserved