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Maximum Security:

A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Internet Site and Network

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Security Consultants

This appendix is a bit different from the one that preceded it. It is designed to provide you with contact points for security vendors. However, there are several things you should know about this list. First, the manner in which it was generated was extremely unorthodox. It differs from other such lists in several ways.

In March 1997, I posted a message to several security lists and newsgroups. In the message, I explained that the book was written anonymously. I stated that any security vendor or consultant who wished to be listed in this appendix should forward his or her information to me or to Sams.net. That listing would be printed free of charge.

The idea was basically to allow you to look through the listing and find a security consultant or vendor near you. The responses were amazing. The vast majority of the vendors on the list are well known in the security community. For example, you might remember that I mentioned Gemini Computers earlier in this book. Gemini creates one of the two most secure products on Earth. That it decided to place a listing in my book is extraordinary, and an honor for me.

Unfortunately, the list is short (perhaps 60 entries, give or take a few). Nevertheless, these individuals and corporations are truly in the know. Each day, they supply security services to thousands of companies across the globe. Many provide such services to Fortune 500 companies.

Some consultants and companies that also perform many superb security services were reticent to placing a listing; they felt that placing a listing in a book sight unseen was unwise. (What if I was a complete crackpot and my book was terrible? Why be associated with such a book?) This is unfortunate. So the absence of a vendor's name on this list means nothing and should not reflect on that vendor's capabilities. There are several hundred companies of equal caliber to those listed here.

NOTE: Sams.net cannot make any representations or warranties regarding the technical expertise of the companies listed in this appendix. However, I have conducted concentrated surveillance of security groups and lists for approximately two years, and nearly all the companies listed are recognized within the security community. I would urge you to track them by e-mail address and URL. From this, you can easily verify their reputations on the Internet.

The Listings

The format of the listings was simple. Vendors were told to provide all their vitals (name, address, contact person, telephone, fax, and URL). They were also asked to take three lines to explain what services they offer. Except for corrections of spelling errors, the listings here appear exactly as they were received.

ANS Communications, an America Online Company

ANS is a worldwide Internet service provider. Security solutions include the ANS InterLock firewall, which combines access control, management reporting, and intrusion detection. ANS InterManage offers full outsourcing of Internet/intranet security.

ANS Communications
1875 Campus Commons Drive, Suite 220
Reston, VA 20191
Phone: 703-758 8700, 800-944 5625
Fax: 703-758 7717

E-mail: ilsupport@reston.ans.net

URL: http://www.ans.net/InterLock

Armor Security Inc.

Armor provides installation of high security physical and electronic devices to protect life and property. These include CCTV, card access systems, burglar and fire alarms, and UL listed locks and safes.

Armor Security Inc.
2601 Stevens Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Contact: Doug Wilson
Phone: 612-870-4142
Fax: 612-870-4789

E-mail: service@armorsecurity.com

URL: http://www.armorsecurity.com

AS Stallion Ltd.

Data and network security consulting and services. Firewall and encryption solutions. Security evaluations and auditing.

AS Stallion Ltd.
Sakala 19
Tallinn EE0001, Estonia
Contact: Mr. Jyri Kaljundi, Managing Director
Phone: 372-630-8994
Fax: 372-630-8901

E-mail: stallion@stallion.ee

URL: http://www.stallion.ee/

Atlantic Computing Technology Corporation

Started in 1994, specializes in UNIX, NT, firewalls, network security, WAN connectivity. Currently resell seven different firewall brands.

Atlantic Computing Technology Corporation
1268 Main Street, Suite 201
Newington, CT 06111
Contact: Rick E. Romkey
Phone: 860-667-9596
Fax: 860-666-7825

E-mail: info@atlantic.com

URL: http://www.atlantic.com

Bret Watson & Associates

Computer facility security design and testing. UNIX, Novell, Microsoft, and Apple net- work and system audits. ISS technical consultant for Western Australia Security Project Management.

Bret Watson & Associates

6 June Rd
Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia, 6076, Australia
Contact: Bret Watson
Phone: (+61) 041 4411 149
Fax: (+61) 09 454 6042

E-mail: consulting@bwa.net

URL: http://www.bwa.net

Cambridge Technology Partners, Inc.

Cambridge Technology Partners (NASDAQ: CATP) is one of the fastest growing companies in the systems integration industry. Cambridge's unique approach to information technology, network, and systems security (IT) consulting and systems integration delivers innovative, quantifiable results to clients in unprecedented time frames. We deliver our services within a unique fixed time, fixed price model.

Cambridge Technology Partners, Inc.
1300 South El Camino Real, Suite 600
San Mateo, CA 94402
Contact: Yobie Benjamin
Phone: 415-574-3710

URL: http://www.ctp.com

Cobb Associates

An information security consultancy since 1987, headed by Stephen Cobb, a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, offering security assessment, policy, training, and testing, specializing in LANs, NT, Internet, firewalls, and the Web.

Cobb Associates
2825 Garden Street, Suite 7-11
Titusville, FL 32796
Contact: Stephen Cobb, CISSP
Phone: 407-383 0977
Fax: 407-383 0336

E-mail: stephen@iu.net

URL: http://www.2cobbs.com

CobWeb Applications

Windows 95, NT, network, and Web-site security specialists. Encryption and compression software. More than you thought possible for less than you imagined!

CobWeb Applications
Cherry Tree Cottage
Leatherhead Road
Surrey, UK KT23 4SS

Contact: Mike Cobb
Phone: +44 1372 459040
Fax: +44 1372 459040

E-mail: mikec@cobweb.co.uk

URL: http://www.cobweb.co.uk

Comet & Company

Windows NT and OpenVMS security and general consulting, training, design, configuration, capacity planning, hardware analysis, communications, and management consulting. Experienced and seasoned consultants.

Comet & Company
165 William Street #9
New York City, NY 10038
Contact: Carl Friedberg
Phone: 212-233-5470

E-mail: carl@comets.com

URL: http://www.comets.com

Cryptek Secure Communications LLC

Cryptek manufactures and sells NSA-evaluated network-security products for both government and commercial use. These products include encryption, identification and authentication, access control, auditing, and integrity mechanisms. The products can be integrated with most applications and operating systems to provide iron-clad security to protect an organization's most valuable assets.

Cryptek Secure Communications LLC
14130-C Sullyfield Circle
Chantilly, VA 20151
Contact: Timothy C. Williams
Phone: 703-802-9300
Fax: 703-818-3706

E-mail: williams@cryptek.com

DataLynx, Inc.

Multi-level Security System&tm; for UNIX and Windows NT: Features include access control, security response, security alarms, security reporting, user account/password management, and much more.

DataLynx, Inc.
6633 Convoy Court
San Diego, CA 92111
Contact: Tony Macdonald, Marketing Director
Phone: 619-560-8112
Fax: 619-560-8114

E-mail: sales@dlxguard.com

URL: http://www.dlxguard.com

EAC Network Integrators

EAC provides three levels of security service: intensive network and system audits, incident response (both per-incident and on retainer), and pro-active security design and implementation.

EAC Network Integrators
12 Cambridge Drive
Trumbull, CT 06644
Contact: Jesse Whyte
Phone: 203-371-4774

URL: http://www.eac.com

Electronic Communications Consultants Inc.

Engineering consulting services for certificate-based applications. Specializing in the SET protocol for Internet credit-card-based payments and certification authority selection, procurement, and integration. Also, electronic payment protocols, e-checks, and home banking.

Electronic Communications Consultants Inc.
46 Cranberry Circle
Sudbury, MA 01776
Contact: Douglas D. Beattie
Phone: 508-440-9645

E-mail: beattie@ecconsultants.com

URL: http://www.ecconsultants.com

Enterprise Solutions Inc.

Enterprise Solutions Inc. is a network and systems integration and consulting company specializing in network management and security solutions for Internet and intranet connectivity. We provide security policy and firewall implementation services for UNIX and NT.

Enterprise Solutions Inc.
5002 South Renn Court
Frederick, MD 21703
Contact: John Clipp
Phone: 301-473-4536
Fax: 301-473-4683

E-mail: jclipp@worldnet.att.net

Eric Murray, Independent Consultant

Network security and cryptography application consulting, mostly security analysis of network software projects that are in the design phase and design/implementation of network security products.

NOTE: Mr. Murray also has been the technical editor and advisor on many books on Internet-related technologies.

Independent Consultant
Redwood City, CA 94061
Contact: Eric Murray

E-mail: ericm@lne.com

URL: http://www.lne.com/ericm/

Feist Systems

Feist Systems is an ISP and System Integrator that can provide safe connections to the Internet as well as enhance your LAN/WAN security through a variety of services provided by skilled industry professionals.

Feist Systems
110 S. Main Street, Suite 1000
Wichita, KS 67202
Contact: Bruce Marshall
Phone: 316-337-8688
Fax: 316-833-5231

E-mail: bkmarsh@feist.com

URL: http://www.feist.com

Finlayson Consulting

Secure Net applications, cryptographic applications, security advisory consulting.

Finlayson Consulting
1884 Columbia Road, NW #1004
Washington, DC 20009
Contact: Ross A. Finlayson
Phone: 202-387-8208

E-mail: raf@tomco.net

URL: http://www.tomco.net/~raf/fc

Galaxy Computer Services, Inc.

Firewall implementation (various flavors of UNIX) in a heterogeneous environment. Penetration testing and risk assessment, client-server application security in the Windows NT environment, network security product--the Information Diode&tm;--an accreditable, one-way only path from low to high networks.

Galaxy Computer Services, Inc.
17831 Shotley Bridge Place
Olney, MD 20832-1670
Contact: George Romas
Phone: 301-570-4647
Fax: 301-924-8609

E-mail: gromas@gcsi.com, George_Romas@msn.com

Gemini Computers Inc.

Gemini products provide trustworthy support for secure system applications using the Al certified foundation of the Gemini Trusted Network Processor (GTNP) with integrated encryption. Trustworthiness is based on trusted end-to-end encryption technologies supporting the legal foundation of the electronic world in compliance with applicable standards, guidelines, and laws.

Gemini Computers Inc.
P.O. Box 222417
Carmel, CA 93922-2417
Contact: Dr. Tien F. Tao, President
Phone: 408-373-850
Fax: 408-373-5792

E-mail: tft@geminisecure.com

URL: http://www.geminisecure.com


ISP offering dial-up, dedicated, and server co-location services, security consulting on firewalls, security policies, encryption, virtual private networks, spam detection and cancellation, junk e-mail filtering, abuse prevention.

1224 E. Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Contact: Jim Lippard
Phone: 602-416-6122
Fax: 602-416-6111

E-mail: jl@primenet.com

Grand Designs, Ltd./ConfluX.net

The principals each have over 20 years experience in the areas of networking and software engineering. We have experience with secure networking and systems security including work for military subcontracts. Our ConfluX.net unit offers secure Internet access (that is, virtual private networks) and Web hosting.

Grand Designs, Ltd./ConfluX.net
4917 Evergreen Way, Suite 10
Everett, WA 98203
Contact: John Painter or William Heaton
Phone: 206-710-9006

E-mail: info@gdltd.com, info@conflux.net

URL: http://www.gdltd.com/, http://www.conflux.net

Gregory R. Block

UNIX/NT security and networking consultant, ten years of experience in the field, tiger-team analyses, firewalls, topology, design and implementation at all levels. Finger for PGP key and mail for further information.

Gregory R. Block
48A Hendon Lane
London, N3 1TT UK

E-mail: gblock@lemon.net

Hyperon Consulting

Hyperon Consulting is a high-technology company that provides advanced Internet and electronic commerce security solutions to industry. CISSP certified and familiar with banking regulations.

Hyperon Consulting
3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 1245
Wilmington, DE 19808
Contact: James Molini
Phone: 302-996-3047
Fax: 302-996-5818

URL: http://www.hyperon.com

IC Tech

Systems consultants and integrators. Specializing in midrange system integration.

IC Tech
131 Willow Pond Way
Penfield, NY 14526
Contact: Vadim Mordkovich
Phone/Fax: 716-388-1877

E-mail: ictech@frontiernet.net

URL: www.frontiernet.net/~ictech

I.T. NetworX Ltd.

Specialist Internet/intranet security on UNIX and Windows NT. Services offered: firewalls, penetration testing, design, consultancy, products, freeware configuration. Since 1984.

I.T. NetworX Ltd.
67 Merrion Square
Dublin 2
Contact: Michael Ryan
Phone: +353-1-6768866 and +353-87-444024
Fax: +353-1-6768868

E-mail: mike@NetworX.ie

Integrity Sciences, Inc.

Integrity Sciences, Inc. provides consulting and software engineering services for secure networks, focusing on strong password authentication protocols immune to network attack.

Integrity Sciences, Inc.
Westboro, MA 01581
Contact: David Jablon
Phone: 508-898-9024

E-mail: dpj@world.std.com

URL: http://world.std.com/~dpj/

International Network Services

Offering a full suite of consulting services including risk assessment, requirements development, perimeter security, host and Web server security, penetration testing and audits, and customer training and security awareness programs.

International Network Services
300 Crown Colony Drive, Fifth Floor
Quincy, MA 02169
Contact: Harold Long, Managing Director
Phone: 617-376-2450
Fax: 617-376-2458

E-mail: hlong@ins.com

URL: http://www.ins.com

InterNet Guide Service Inc.

InterNet Guide Service is a consulting and coaching firm specializing in Internet strategy, security, and digital commerce. Member of NCSA, certified IBM firewall expert.

InterNet Guide Service Inc.

55A Richardson Street

Billerica, MA 01821

Contact: Eric S. Johansson

Phone: 508-667-4791

E-mail: esj@harvee.billeric.ma.us

Internet Information Services, Inc. (IIS)

IIS provides a full range of security expertise to businesses that want to outsource the management of their network security. This includes firewall design and integration, virtual private network design and integration, site security evaluation, security policy development and security systems design and implementation.

Internet Information Services, Inc. (IIS)

7979 Old Georgetown Road

Bethesda, MD 20814 USA

Contact: Robert Tewes

Phone: 301-718-1770

Fax: 301-718-1770

E-mail: roberttewes@iis.net

URL: www.iis.net

Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS)

ISS is the pioneer and leading supplier of network security assessment tools, providing comprehensive auditing, monitoring, and response software. The company's flagship product, Internet Scanner, is the leading commercial attack simulation and security audit tool used by organizations worldwide. Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS)

41 Perimeter Center East, Suite 660

Atlanta, GA 30071 USA (Corporate Headquarters)

Contact: Paul Graffeo

Phone: 770-395-0150

Fax: 770-395-1972

E-mail: info@iss.net

URL: http://www.iss.net

Interpact, Inc./Infowar.Com

Only if you really care about security, we offer security design, architecture, modeling, and penetration testing. We have clients on three continents and work for governments and the largest corporations.

Interpact, Inc./Infowar.Com

11511 Pine Street

Seminole, FL 33772

Contact: Winn Schwartai

Phone: 813-393-6600

Fax: 813-393-6361

E-mail: winn@infowar.com

URL: http://www.info-sec.com, http://www.infowar.com

Jeff Flynn & Associates

Holistic network security services: needs assessment, security awareness, training, physical security, logical security, analysis, design, configuration, deployment, testing, investigation, firewalls, encryption, authentication, intrusion detection.

Jeff Flynn & Associates

19 Perryville

Irvine, CA, 92620

Contact: Jeff Flynn

Phone: 551-6398

Jerboa, Inc.

UNIX, firewalls (all vendors), product reviews, consulting, topology, policy development, product integration, compatibility testing, training, seminars, business planning, Web technologies, encryption, and tunneling.

Jerboa, Inc.

P.O. Box 382648

Cambridge, MA 02238

Contact: Ian Poynter, Diana Kelley

Phone: 617-492-8084

Fax: 617-492-8089

E-mail: info@jerboa.com

URL: http://www.jerboa.com

Kinchlea Computer Consulting

UNIX/network security experts (most platforms), firewalls, security audits, security consultation. Vancouver Islands' security experts. We are small but highly knowledgeable and professional.

Kinchlea Computer Consulting

3730 Denman Road

Denman Island, BC, Canada, V0R 1T0

Contact: Dave Kinchlea, President

Phone: 250-335-0907

Fax: 250-335-0902

E-mail: kcc@kinch.ark.com

URL: http://kinch.ark.com/kcc

Kinetic, Inc.

Internet-related open systems and computer security consulting. UNIX security audits, firewall design, secure off-site Web management/housing facilities.

Kinetic, Inc.

Park Place West, Suite 315

6465 Wayzata Boulevard

Minneapolis, MN 55426-1730

Contact: Scott Hoffer

Phone: 612-225-8533

Fax: 612-225-8508

E-mail: 411@kinetic.com

URL: http://www.kinetic.com

Lawrence J. Kilgallen

VMS security.

Lawrence J. Kilgallen

Box 397081

Cambridge, MA 02139-7081

Phone: 617-498-9606

E-mail: Kilgallen@eisner.decus.org

Learning Tree International

Learning Tree provides 4-day hands-on courses on UNIX security, Windows NT security, Internet/intranet security, and firewalls, plus over 130 other information technology topics. Call for a free course catalog!

Learning Tree International

1805 Library Street

Reston, VA 20190-5630

Contact: Linda Trude

Phone: 800-843-8733

Fax: 800-709-6405

E-mail: uscourses@learningtree.com

URL: http://www.learningtree.com

Livermore Software Labs

LSLI is the maker of the PORTUS Secure Firewall for AIX, HP, Solaris, and Apple. It is a Houston-based network-consulting firm.

Livermore Software Labs

2825 Wilcrest, Suite 160

Houston, Texas 77042-3358

Contact: Jay Lyall

Voice Mail: 713-974-3274

Phone: 800-240-5754

Fax: 713-978-6246

E-mail: portusinfo@lsli.com

URL: http://www.lsli.com

Lurhq Corporation

Lurhq is a network security organization specializing in firewalls, Web-server security, electronic commerce implementations, and penetration testing. We offer many security services and customize these services for your unique security requirements!

Lurhq Corporation

Myrtle Beach, SC

Contact: Kristi Sarvis, Sales Coordinator

E-mail: info@lurhq.com

URL: http://www.lurhq.com/

Maxon Services

Network Security systems integrator/consultant, Windows NT, UNIX, CISCO, Check Point Firewall 1, Security Dynamics Ace Server.

Maxon Services

8550 Marie-Victorin

Brossard, Quebec

Canada, J4X 1A1

Contact: Eric Tremblay

Phone: 514-466 2422

Fax: 514-466 2113

URL: http://www.maxon.ca

Metamor Technologies, Ltd.

Metamor Technologies is a project-oriented consulting company helping companies through technical transitions. Firewall, commerce, and security reviews are just some of the exciting services offered by our Internet technology division. Visit our Web page for a full tour!

Metamor Technologies, Ltd.

1 North Franklin, Suite 1500

Chicago, IL, 60606

Contact: Paul Christian Nelis

Phone: 312-251-2000

Fax: 312-251-2999

E-mail: nelis@metamor.com

URL: http://www.metamor.com

Milkyway Networks Corporation

Milkyway Networks is a leading provider of network security solutions for enterprise networks. Milkyway's firewall product comes with a factory hardened operating systems ensuring one of the most secure firewalls on the market. In addition to firewalls the company provides products for secure remote access and an auditing tool to probe your network for potential security weakness. Milkyway has a U.S. office in Santa Clara with its corporate offices in Ottawa, Canada.

Milkyway Networks Corporation

4655 Old Ironsides Drive

Suite 490

Santa Clara, CA, 95054

Contact: Jeff Sherwood, Vice-President Sales

Phone: 408-566-0800

Fax: 408-566-0810

E-mail: info@milkyway.com

URL: www.milkyway.com

Milvets System Technology, Inc

Systems integration of network security products. Reseller agreements with market-leading firewall vendors. Specializing in UNIX- and NT-based systems.

Milvets System Technology, Inc

4600 Forbes Boulevard, Suite 104

Lanham, MD 20706

Contact: Greg Simpson

Phone: 301-731-9130

Fax: 301-731-4773

E-mail: simpson@milvets.com, Milvets@milvets.com

Miora Systems Consulting, Inc. (MSC)

Miora Systems Consulting helps organizations improve their computer and information security posture and their disaster recovery readiness. We are an affiliate of the National Computer Security Association. Services include security assessments, penetration testing, firewall verification, virus assessments, disaster-recovery planning, pbs and war-dialing attacks, security-policy development, and others.

Miora Systems Consulting, Inc. (MSC)

P.O. Box 6028

8055 W. Manchester Avenue Suite 450

Playa del Rey, CA, 90296

Contact: Michael Miora

Phone: 310-306-1365

Fax: 310-305-1493

E-mail: mmiora@miora.com

URL: http://www.miora.com

MTG Management Consultants

IT management and security. Criminal justice systems specialists.

MTG Management Consultants

1111 3rd Avenue Suite 2700

Seattle, WA 98101

Contact: Scott Colvin

Phone: 206-442-5010

Fax: 206-442-5011

URL: http://www.ecgmc.com

Myxa Corporation

Myxa is a technology-services company that deals with UNIX, client/server, and networking (intra and Internet), including firewalls and security. We've helped companies design, implement, and manage their systems and networks since 1976.

Myxa Corporation

654 Red Lion Road, Suite 200

Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Contact: Timothy M. Brown

Phone: 215-947-9900

Fax: 215-935-0235

E-mail: sales@myxa.com

URL: http://www.myxa.com

NetPartners Internet Solutions, Inc.

NetPartners' mission is to bring sophisticated Internet technology to the mass business market. Products include Firewall-1, Raptor, BorderWare, Sidewinder, Gauntlet, ISS, Compaq, Cisco, Interscan, SUN. NetPartners is also the manufacturer of WebSENSE--an advanced Internet content screening system that allows businesses and educational institutions to monitor and/or eliminate network traffic to Internet sites deemed inappropriate or otherwise undesirable for business use.

NetPartners Internet Solutions, Inc.

9210 Sky Park Court First Floor

San Diego , CA 92123

Contact: Jeff True

Phone: 619-505-3044

Fax: 619-495-1950

E-mail: jtrue@netpart.com

URL: http://www.netpart.com

Network Evolutions, Incorporated

NEI is an international technology consulting firm that provides enterprise-wide network design services, network security audits, and intranet/Internet firewall implementation services.

Network Evolutions, Incorporated

1850 Centennial Park Drive, Suite 625

Reston, Virginia 20191

Contact: David Kim, President

Phone: 703-476-5100

Fax: 703-476-5103

E-mail: kim@netevolve.com

URL: http://www.netevolve.com

New Edge Technologies

I am a computer network security consultant with 17 years of hard-core diverse experience in telephony, electronic communications systems, licensing systems, network security, encryption techniques, and analysis.

New Edge Technologies

United States

Contact: Donald R. Martin

E-mail: grey@earth.usa.net

URL: http://www.usa.net/~grey/


Network security and performance analysis, penetration testing, monthly security reviews and briefings.


969 La Felice Lane

Fallbrook, CA 92028

Contact: Steve Edwards

Phone: 619-723-2727

Fax: 619-731-3000

E-mail: sedwards@newline.com


Anti-virus, security, and network management.


577 Isham Street, Suite 2-B

New York City, NY 10034

Contact: Norman Hirsch

Phone: 212-304-9660

Fax: 212-304-9759

E-mail: nhirsch@nha.com

URL: http://www.nha.com

NorthWestNet, Inc.

Managed firewall services (UNIX and NT), vulnerability assessment services, security incident response team (SIRT) services, virtual private networking (VPN) services, security awareness training.

NorthWestNet, Inc.

15400 SE 30th Place, Suite 202

Bellevue, WA 98007

Contact: Security Engineering Manager

Phone: +1 (425)-649-7400

Fax: +1 (425)-649-7451

E-mail: info@nwnet.net

URL: http://www.nwnet.net/


FireWall-1, penetration testing, security audits, tiger teams, encryption, and virtual private networks, Firewall-1 CCSE training.


5599 San Felipe, Suite 400

Houston, TX 77056

555 Industrial Boulevard,

Sugarland, TX 77478,

Contact: Nassim Chaabouni, Network Security Consultant

Phone: 281-285 8151

Fax: 281-285 8161

E-mail: Chaabouni@houston.omnes.net

URL : http://www.omnes.net

Onsight, Inc.

Consulting/training firm in Chicago/midwest with heavy background in host and network security, firewalls, and encryption.

Onsight, Inc.

2512 Hartzell

Evanston, IL 60201

Contact: Brian Hatch

Phone: 847-869-9133

Fax: 847-869-9134

E-mail: bri@avue.com

URL: http://www.avue.com/

Plum Lake Alchemy

UNIX, WWW, and security consulting. Raptor Eagle Firewall specialists.

Plum Lake Alchemy

1000 Kiely Boulevard #66

Santa Clara, CA 95051

Contact: Matthew Wallace

Phone: 408-985-2722

E-mail: matt@ender.com

URL: http://www.ender.com

R.C. Consulting, Inc.

Provides enterprise-level security consulting for Windows NT environments, particularly where those environments are intended to interact with the Internet. Executive briefings on existing or future security products/strategies tailored to your specific requirements in person, or via e-mail/phone/vidphone. Host and moderator of the NTBugTraq mailing list, dedicated to examining security exploits and bugs in Windows NT.

R.C. Consulting, Inc.

Kenrei Court, R.R. #1

Lindsay, Ontario, K9V 4R1


Contact: Russ Cooper

Phone: 705-878-3405

Fax: 705-878-1804

E-mail: Russ.Cooper@rc.on.ca

URL: http://NTBugTraq.rc.on.ca/index.html

Rampart Consulting

Independent consulting in Internet security policy and security assessment. Firewall installation, UNIX system and network management, DNS administration, SMTP consulting and general system training.

Rampart Consulting

1-285 Rangely Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Contact: Dan Lowry

Phone: 719-481-9394

E-mail: danlow@earthlink.net

URL: www.earthlink.net/~danlow

Realogic, Inc.

UNIX/NT firewalls, security audits, penetration testing, MS certified, provides service to mid to large Fortune corporations throughout the western states. TIS, AltaVista, Firewall-I, and BorderWare. MS-Proxy, MS-IIS, MS-Commerce Server specialist. Offices throughout U.S. and Europe.

Realogic, Inc.

801 Montgomery Street, Suite 200

San Francisco, CA 94133

Contact: Kelly Gibbs

Phone: 415-956-1300

Fax: 415-956-1301

E-mail: k.gibbs@realogic.com

URL: http://www.realogic.com/

Ritter Software Engineering

Advanced patented and patent-pending ciphering technologies with very significant advantages in particular applications. Also providing custom cipher designs, implementations, and consulting.

Ritter Software Engineering

2609 Choctaw Trail

Austin, Texas 78745

Contact: Terry Ritter, P.E.

Phone/Fax: 512-892-0494

E-mail: ritter@io.com

URL: http://www.io.com/~ritter/

Saffire Systems

Saffire Systems specializes in secure software development, consulting, and systems integration. Saffire Systems provides engineering services (architecture, design, implementation, and testing), evaluation support services, secure network evaluations, and Windows NT security training.

Saffire Systems

P.O. Box 11154

Champaign, IL 61826-1154

Contact: Michelle A. Ruppel

Phone: 217-359-7763

Fax: 217-356-7050

E-mail: maruppel@prairienet.org

SecTek, Inc.

SecTek provides services in following areas: INFOSEC, COMPSEC, physical security, access control, risk assessments, penetration tests, firewall design/implementation, intrusion detection, intranets.

SecTek, Inc.

208 Elden Street, Suite 201

Herndon, VA 22070

Contact: Bruce Moore

Phone: 703-834-0507

Fax: 703-834-0214

E-mail: wmoore@sectek.com

URL: http://www.sectek.com

Secure Networks Inc.

SNI is a security research house whose primary focus is the development of security auditing tools. SNI's premier product is Ballista, an advanced network auditing tool. SNI also provides security audits to both commercial and government clients.

Secure Networks Inc.

40 703 6th Avenue S.W.

Calgary, Alberta, t2p-0t9

Contact: Alfred Huger

Phone: 403-262-9211

Fax: 403-262-9221

E-mail: ahuger@secnet.com

URL: http://www.securenetworks.com/ or http://www.secnet.com/

SecureNet Engineering, Inc.

Providing information technology and security consulting services to government, financial, and technological industries.

SecureNet Engineering, Inc.

P.O. Box 520

Folsom, CA, 95763-0520

Contact: Thomas H. McCreary

Phone: 916-987-1800, 800-240-9863

E-mail: mccreary@pacbell.net

Security First Technologies, Inc.

Developers of secure networks for government and industry for over 10 years, B1 security, CMW, trusted operating systems, UNIX, Windows NT, secure network design and implementation, security auditing, penetration studies, authentication and encryption software products (VirtualVault, HannaH, Troy). Mr. Kalwerisky is the author of "Windows NT: Guidelines for Audit, Security, and Control," Microsoft Press, 1994.

Security First Technologies, Inc.

3390 Peachtree Road, Suite 1600

Atlanta, Georgia, 30326

Contact: Jeff Kalwerisky, VP Consulting Services

Phone: 404-812-6665

Fax: 404-812-6616

E-mail: jeffk@s-1.com

URL: http://www.s-1.com

Sequent Computer Systems BV

UNIX, firewalls, networking, Internet, intranet, auditing, tiger teams, security, cryptology, security policy.

Sequent Computer Systems BV

Rijnzathe 7

De Meern, Utrecht, 3454PV

The Netherlands

Contact: Hans Van de Looy

Phone: +31 30 6666 070

Fax: +31 30 6666 054

E-mail: hvdl@sequent.com

URL: http://www.IAEhv.nl/users/hvdl

SmallWorks, Inc.

SmallWorks is a software-development and consulting group specializing in standards-based Internet security packages, including but not limited to firewalls, IPSEC implementations, and high-security Internet connectivity solutions. A partial list of our clients includes Tivoli Systems, Sterling Commerce, Cisco Systems (SmallWorks developed the TACACS+, CiscoSecure UNIX Server for Cisco Systems).

SmallWorks, Inc.

4501 Spicewood Springs Road Suite #1001

Austin, TX 78759

Contact: Steve Bagwell, Director of Sales

Phone: 512-338-0619

Fax: 512-338-0625

E-mail: steve@smallworks.com

URL: http://www.smallworks.com

Soundcode, Inc.

Soundcode, Inc. provides the latest in data security and electronic (digital) signature software for the Internet, intranets, and personal computers. With Point 'n Crypt Professional for one-click file lock-up, sending, and storage, Point 'n Sign for the one-click signing of electronic documents, and scCryptoEngine, a powerful programming engine for both encryption and digital signatures, Soundcode makes computer privacy easy.

Soundcode, Inc.

11613 124th Avenue NE, Suite G-317

Kirkland, WA 98034-8100

Contact: Pete Adlerberg

Voice: 206-828-9155

Fax: 206-329-4351

Toll-Free: 888-45-SOUND

E-mail: pete@soundcode.com

URL: http://www.soundcode.com

Strategic Data Command Inc.

Firewalls, risk analysis, security management, and design.

Strategic Data Command Inc.

2505 Parker St.

Berkeley, CA 94704 USA

Contact: Lawrence Suto

Phone: 510-502-9224

Technical Reflections

Security design and implementation on systems such as UNIX and Windows NT/95. Securing Web servers for electronic transactions. We also participate in tiger and attach teams to help secure sites via firewalls and other security policies.

Technical Reflections

6625 Fox Road

Marcy, NY 13403

Contact: Joe Riolo

Phone: 315-865-5639

Fax: 315-336-6514

Technologic, Inc.

Manufacturers of the Interceptor&tm; firewall, Internet security consulting, virtual private networking, security audits, and penetration testing. "Can your network keep a secret?"TM

Technologic, Inc.

1000 Abernathy Road, Suite 1075

Atlanta, GA 30328

Contact: Eric Bleke

Phone: 770-522-0222

Fax: 770-522-0201

E-mail: info@tlogic.com

URL: http://www.tlogic.com

Triumph Technologies, Inc.

Triumph Technologies' Internet Security Division is focused on providing enterprise-wide security solutions. We utilize only the best security products and technologies. We offer services which include: turn-key firewall solutions (UNIX/NT), enterprise security assessments, IP addressing re/designing, and integration of specialized products such as SMTP mail content management.

Triumph Technologies, Inc.

3 New England Executive Park

Burlington, MA 01803

Contact: Mitchell Hryckowian

Phone: 617-273-0073

Fax: 617-272-4855

E-mail: info@security.triumph.com

URL: http://www.triumph.com

Tucker Network Technologies, Inc.

Network and telecommunications consulting and integration firm specializing in LAN/WAN, network management, Internet policy, infrastructures, firewalls, security, and access.

Tucker Network Technologies, Inc.

P.O. Box 429

50 Washington Street

South Norwalk, CT 06856-0429

Contact: Tucker McDonagh, Managing Director

Phone: 203-857-0080

Fax: 203-857-0082

E-mail: tucker@tuckernet.com

Visionary Corporate Computing Concepts

UNIX, firewall solutions, research and penetration testing, risk assessments, intrusion detection, remote system monitoring, emergency problem handling, consulting, and outsourcing.

Visionary Corporate Computing Concepts

712 Richland Street Suite F

Columbia, SC, 29201 USA

Contact: Matthew Caldwell

Phone: 803-733-7333

Fax: 803-733-5888

E-mail: matt.caldwell@vc3.com

URL: http://www.vc3.com

Wang I-Net Government Services

Wang I-Net offers the XTS-300&tm; NSA-evaluated B3 Trusted Computer System, the Secure Automated Guard Environment (SAGE&tm;), and trusted application development services. Wang I-Net Secure Systems customers include the NSA, DoD, Army, Air Force, Navy, State Department, FBI, DOE, IRS, NATO, governments of UK, Canada, and Norway, and several contractors.

Wang I-Net Government Services

7900 Westpark Drive MS 700

McLean, VA 22102-4299

Contact: K.M. Goertzel

Phone: 703-827-3914

Fax: 703-827-3161

E-mail: goertzek@wangfed.com

URL: http://www.wangfed.com

NOTE: Wang Federal is one of the leading providers of TEMPEST protection technology. Wang Federal's TEMPEST products prevent eavesdropping of electronic emissions that leak from your monitor (or computer).

Zot Consulting

I have over 17 years of experience on the Internet. I do pure Internet consulting for firewalls, Web and information servers, database connectivity, and company security for small and Fortune 100 companies.

Zot Consulting

808 SE Umatilla Street

Portland, OR 97202

Contact: Zot O'Connor

Phone: 503-231-3893

Fax: 503-236-5177

E-mail: zot@crl.com

URL: http://www.crl.com/~zot

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