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The following functionality will be supported in the next few releases.

$Data::Dumper::Maxdepth or $OBJ->Maxdepth(NEWVAL)

Depth beyond which we don't venture into a structure. Has no effect when Data::Dumper::Purity is set. (useful in debugger when we often don't want to see more than enough).

$Data::Dumper::Expdepth or $OBJ->Expdepth(NEWVAL)

Dump contents explicitly up to a certain depth and then use names for cross-referencing identical references. (useful in debugger, in situations where we don't care so much for cross-references).

Make Dumpxs() honor $Useqq
Fix formatting when Terse is set and Indent >= 2
Output space after '\' (ref constructor) for high enough Indent
Implement redesign that allows various backends (Perl, Lisp, some-binary-data-format, graph-description-languages, etc.)


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