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8.117 Opcode

Permits defining an operator mask so that any code containing a masked opcode will not compile or execute when Perl next compiles any code. Not usually used directly; for examples of Opcode's use, see the ops pragma and the Safe module.

Valid opcodes are listed in the array op_name in the file opcode.h. Many Opcode functions and methods take lists of operators, which are composed of elements. Each element can be a:

name (opname) or negated name

Name of operator, usually lowercase. Prefixing the name with an exclamation mark (!) removes it from the accumulated set of operations.

set (opset)

Operator set. Binary string holding a set of zero or more operators.

tag name (optag) or negated tag

Operator tag name; refers to groups (or sets) of operators. Begins with a colon (:). Negated by prefixing with an exclamation mark (!). Several optags are predefined, including the following. See the manpage for the Opcode module for the opcodes included in each tag.

:base_core      :base_io        :base_loop
:base_math      :base_mem       :base_orig
:browse         :dangerous      :default
:filesys_open   :filesys_read   :filesys_write
:others         :ownprocess     :still_to_be_decided
:subprocess     :sys_db

8.117.1 Functions

All the following functions can be exported:

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