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$cons->Scroll(left, top, right, bottom, col, row, char, attr, [cleft, ctop, cright, cbottom])

Moves a block of data in a console buffer; the block is identified by the left, top, right, and bottom positions.

row and col identify the new location of the block. The cells left empty as a result of the move are filled with the character char and attribute attr.

Optionally, you can specify a clipping region with cleft, ctop, cright, cbottom, so that the contents of the console outside this rectangle are unchanged. Returns undef on error or a nonzero value on success.

# scrolls the screen 10 lines down, filling with black spaces
$CONSOLE->Scroll(0, 0, 80, 25, 0, 10, " ", $FG_BLACK | $BG_BLACK);

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