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Microsoft® JScript™
Array Object
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Version 2 

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Provides support for creation of arrays of any data type.
new Array()
new Array(
new Array(element0, element1, ..., elementn)

The Array object creation syntax has these parts:

Part Description
size The size of the array. As arrays are zero-based, created elements will have indices from zero to size - 1.
element0,...,elementn The elements to place in the array. This creates an array with n + 1 elements, and a length of n.

After an array is created, the individual elements of the array can be accessed using [ ] notation, for example:

var my_array = new Array();
for (i = 0; i < 10; i++)
    my_array[i] = i;
x = my_array[4];
Since arrays in Microsoft JScript are zero-based, the last statement in the preceding example accesses the fifth element of the array. That element contains the value 4.

If only one argument is passed to the Array constructor, and it is a number, it is coerced into an unsigned integer and the value is used as the size of the array. Otherwise, the parameter passed in is used as the only element of the array.

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