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Microsoft® JScript™
Microsoft Scripting Run-time Object Features
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Category Feature/Keyword
Collections Drives
File and System Management
  • Dictionary
    Add, Exists, Items, Keys, Remove, RemoveAll
    Count, Item, Key
  • Drive, File, Folder
    Copy, Delete, Move, OpenAsTextStream
    Attributes, Count, DateCreated, DateLastAccessed, DateLastModified, Drive, ParentFolder, Name, Path, ShortName, ShortPath, Size
    AvailableSpace, DriveLetter, DriveType, FileSystem, FreeSpace, IsReady, RootFolder, SerialNumber, ShareName, TotalSize, VolumeName
  • FileSystemObject
    BuildPath, CopyFile, CopyFolder, CreateFolder, CreateTextFile, DeleteFile, DeleteFolder, DriveExists, FileExists, FolderExists, GetAbsolutePathName, GetBaseName, GetDrive, GetDriveName, GetExtensionName, GetFile, GetFileName, GetFolder, GetParentFolderName, GetSpecialFolder, GetTempName, MoveFile, MoveFolder, OpenTextFile
  • TextStream
    Close, Read, ReadAll, ReadLine, Skip, SkipLine, Write, WriteBlankLines, WriteLine
    AtEndOfLine, AtEndOfStream, Column, Line

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