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 Win32::Mutex - Use Win32 mutex objects from Perl


Win32::Mutex - Use Win32 mutex objects from Perl


        require Win32::Mutex;
        $mutex = Win32::Mutex->new($initial,$name);


This module allows access to the Win32 mutex objects. The wait method and wait_all & wait_any functions are inherited from the Win32::IPC module.


$mutex = Win32::Mutex->new([$initial, [$name]])
Constructor for a new mutex object. If $initial is true, requests immediate ownership of the mutex (default false). If $name is omitted, creates an unnamed mutex object.

If $name signifies an existing mutex object, then $initial is ignored and the object is opened.

$mutex = Win32::Mutex->open($name)
Constructor for opening an existing mutex object.

Release ownership of a $mutex. You should have obtained ownership of the mutex through new or one of the wait functions. Returns true if successful.

Wait for ownership of $mutex. See Win32::IPC.

Deprecated Functions and Methods

Win32::Mutex still supports the ActiveWare syntax, but its use is deprecated.

Use $MutObj = Win32::Mutex->new($Initial,$Name) instead.

Use $MutObj = Win32::Mutex->open($Name) instead.

Use $MutObj->release instead.


Christopher J. Madsen <chris_madsen@geocities.com>

Loosely based on the original module by ActiveWare Internet Corp., http://www.ActiveWare.com

 Win32::Mutex - Use Win32 mutex objects from Perl