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Moving and Adding Panels

Any Panel you have on your desktop can be moved by using the middle mouse button, or by simultaneously pressing the left and right mouse buttons, to drag the panel to the desired edge of your screen. If you do not have a middle mouse button or did not configure your mouse to emulate a middle button you may also move a Panel by changing its location in the Panel Configuration dialog. You can read more in Chapter 8 of this documentation.

You may also add a new Panel to your desktop by selecting the Add New Panel from the Main Menu | Panel menu. You will be given a choice of Edge or Corner Panels. Both of these Panel types are described below.

At any time you can change the current panel to the opposite type by selecting either the Convert to edge panel or the Convert to corner panel from the pop-up menu. The selection that is available depends on which type of panel you right mouse click on. The selection displayed will be the opposite of the current panel.