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Changing Your Preferences in The File Manager

There are many settings you can configure for the GNOME File Manager.

These settings may be accessed from the GMC Preferences dialog. You may launch this dialog by selecting the Preferences menu item from the Edit menu.

The GMC Preferences dialog is divided into Five major sections: File Display, Confirmation, Custom View, Caching Optimizations, and VFS.

File Display

Figure 7-7. File Display Preferences


Figure 7-8. Confirmation Preferences


Figure 7-9. VFS Preferences


Figure 7-10. Caching Preferences

Custom View

The Custom View dialog allows you to set the way you would like the Custom View to look in the GNOME File Manager.

Figure 7-11. The Custom View Dialog

There are two main columns in the Custom View, the Possible Columns and the Displayed Columns.

The Possible Columns list includes all of the information types that can be displayed. If you would like to include on you may press the Add button and it will be added to the Displayed Columns list.

The Displayed Columns list shows you the current information types that will be included in your Custom View. If you wish to remove any you may press the Remove button.

If you would like to re-arrange the items in the Displayed Columns list you may drag them to the desired location with your mouse.