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Moving Around the GNOME File Manager

Above the tree and main file windows in the GNOME File Manager there is a Location text box.

Within this text box you can type the path location of the file in which you would like to view in the main window.

The GNOME File Manager is also equipped to view FTP sites. To view an FTP site you will need to be connected to the Internet either through a dial up account or a network. Type the FTP address in Location text box using and the GNOME File Manager will attempt to connect to the site.

Make sure you type in FTP addresses in the following manner:
ftp://[site address]

Next to the Location text box are navigation buttons you might wish to use. These buttons with the arrow icons allow you to move within the directories adjacent to the one you are in. The left button will take you to the previous directory you were in, the middle button will take you up one level in the directory hierarchy, and the right button will take you to the next directory if you have just moved backwards.

TIP: You can open a secondary window by using your middle mouse button on any directory. Press the middle mouse button (or both left and right mouse buttons if you have emulation) on a directory in the main window and a new window will open showing the contents of the directory you clicked on.