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Chapter 4. The Enlightenment Window Manager

Table of Contents
The Enlightenment Configuration Tool
Enlightenment Menus


GNOME is a desktop environment that is not dependent on any one window manager in order to control how applications and other features interact with each other. GNOME can work with a variety of window managers. The window manager is what controls the window borders, window decorations, and the functionality of those windows. Currently there are about three or four window managers that are considered GNOME compliant. Being GNOME compliant means much more than simply being able to run with GNOME; it also means being aware of GNOME and what GNOME offers. This includes session management, desktop settings, and interactivity with applications such as the GNOME Pager.

The Default Window Manager for this release of Red Hat Linux is a window manager called Enlightenment. Within Enlightenment there is a tool which will help you to configure the window manager to your specifications.