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Making a New Appointment

There are many methods for making a new appointment in the GNOME Calendar, the easiest by pressing the New button on the button bar. Whenever you make a new appointment you will launch the Create New Appointment dialog that allows you to set the properties of that appointment. The Create New Appointment dialog is broken into two different tabs, the General and the Recurrence tabs.

General - The General tab is the area in which you define when the appointment is and set reminders for yourself. There are four different areas on the General tab: Summary, Time, Alarms, and Classification.

Recurrence - The Recurrence tab allows you to specify how often an appointment should recur, if at all. The first property you should set if you want a recurring appointment is the Recurrence rule. You may choose among None, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly. For each selection you may adjust the recurrence properties for your selection. In the Ending date area you may set a rule which will stop the recurrence of your appointment or allow it to repeat forever. In the Exceptions area you may make exceptions to the recurring appointment by selecting the date a pressing the Add button.