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Monitor Applets are designed to be used to keep track of your system and its functions. You can monitor the resources left on your machine which allows you to keep close tabs on how things are working.

Battery Monitor

The Battery Monitor is a simple applet that allows you to see how much time you have remaining on your laptop monitor.

Battery Charge Monitor

The Battery Charge Monitor is used while you are charging the battery for you laptop. It will show you how much your battery has been charged and how much it has left to complete the task.

CPU/MEM Usage Monitor

The CPU/MEM Usage Monitor is an applet that will show you the current usage of CPU, Memory, and Swap Space. The applet consists of three bars that are shaded with colors to represent the usage. If you are running the applet on a horizontal panel the top bar is CPU, the middle bar is Memory, and the bottom bar is Swap Space. If you are running the applet on a vertical panel the CPU is the left bar, Memory is the middle bar, and Swap Space is the right bar.

Figure 12-1. The CPU/MEM Applet

CPULoad Applet

The CPULoad Applet is a simple graph that shows you the current CPU Usage using one of three colors:

Figure 12-2. The CPULoad Applet

The yellow shows the current hit by the current user. Grey shows the current hit by non-user specified system activity. Black show idle use.

MEMLoad Applet

The MEMLoad is a simple graph that shows you the current Memory usage using one of four colors:

Figure 12-3. The MEMLoad Applet

The yellow show the current shared memory usage. The grey-yellow show other memory usage. The grey shows the buffers being used. The Green shows free physical memory available on your system.

SWAPLoad Applet

The SWAPLoad is a simple graph that shows you the current Swap Space usage using one of two colors:

Figure 12-4. The SWAPLoad Applet

The yellow bar shows how much swap space is currently being used. Any free swap space will be shown with a green bar.