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The Multimedia Applets are a collection of applets that allow you to utilize multimedia on your system. You will find applets that control sound, video, and other multimedia.

CD Player Applet

The CD Player Applet is a simple CD player that resides in the panel.

When you have an audio CD in your CDROM drive you may use the Play/Pause, Stop, Forward, backward and Eject buttons to control your CD for playback. Above the buttons is a small display that shows the time remaining on the track and in between the Forward and Backward buttons is the track number.

Figure 12-5. The CD Player Applet

IMPORTANT: You must have the correct access to your CDROM drive for this application to be successful. If you have the root password type the following in a terminal window.
       $ su 
       $ Password: [type  in root password] 
       $ chmod a+r /dev/cdrom
       $ exit

If your CDROM is located somewhere other than /dev/cdrom make sure you change it in the commands above.

If you want more control over your CD you may right mouse click on the CD Player Applet and select Run gtcd from the pop-up menu. This will launch the GNOME CD Player which you can read more about in Chapter 13.

IMPORTANT: When the CD Player Applet is running you will not have physical control over the eject button on your CDROM drive. If you wish to eject the CD you must use the Eject Button on the CD Player Applet.

Mixer Applet

The Mixer Applet is a simple applet that allows you to control the volume on your system. There are two main controls on the applet: the Volume Slidebar and the Mute button. To raise or lower the volume use the slide bar with your mouse. To mute your system press the small mute button on the bottom of the applet.

Figure 12-6. The Mixer Applet

If you want more control over your system volume you may right mouse click on the Mixer Applet and select the Run gmix menu item from the pop-up menu.