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8.3 Introduction to tcsh

Article 8.2 introduces bash and talks about shells that came before it. A lot of shell users prefer tcsh. It's like the C shell, but tcsh has added plenty of useful features and also fixed some notorious C shell bugs (47.2). In fact, tcsh is so much like csh (except for those ugly bugs) that when we say "the C shell" or csh in this book, we're also talking about tcsh.

In general, tcsh has a lot of the same features as bash. So I won't repeat the list from article 8.2. Instead, here are a few differences (from the point of view of a casual tcsh user like me, that is).

If you've used csh before, and you type more than a few commands a day on UNIX, check out tcsh. It's on the CD-ROM.

- JP

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