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The RCS Utility
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rlog [options] files

Display identification information for RCS files, including the log message associated with each revision, the number of lines added or removed, date of last check in, etc. With no options, rlog displays all information. Use options to display specific items. rlog accepts the standard options -V and -x.



Prune the display; print only about the default branch.


Display information for revisions whose check-in timestamp falls in the range of dates (a list separated by semicolons). Be sure to use quotes. Each date can be specified as:

d1 < d2

Select revisions between date d1 and d2, inclusive.

d1 <

Select revisions made on or after date1.

d1 >

Select revisions made on or before date1.


Display the beginning of the normal rlog listing.


Display information only about locked revisions or, if lockers is specified, only about revisions locked by the list of users.


Skip files that aren't locked.


Display information for revisions in the comma-separated list of revision numbers. If no list is given, the latest revision is used. Items can be specified as:


Select revision R1. If R1 is a branch, select all revisions on it.


If R1 is a branch, select its latest revision.


Select revisions R1 through R2.


Select revisions from beginning of branch through R1.


Select revisions from R1 through end of branch. RCS Version 5.6 has changed the range separator character to :, although - is still valid.


Display only the name of the RCS file.


Display information for revisions whose state matches one from the comma-separated list of states.


Same as -h, but also display the file's description.


Display information for revisions checked in by anyone in the comma-separated list of users. If no users are supplied, assume the name of the invoking user.


Display a file's revision history:

rlog RCS/*,v | more

Display names of RCS files that are locked by user daniel.

rlog -R -L -ldaniel RCS/*

Display the "title" portion (no revision history) of a working file:

rlog -t calc.c

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