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The SCCS Utility
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comb [options] files

Reduce the size of the specified SCCS files. This is done by pruning selected deltas and combining those that remain, thereby reconstructing the SCCS file. The default behavior prunes all but the most recent delta in a particular branch and keeps only those ancestors needed to preserve the tree structure. comb produces a shell script on standard output. Actual reconstruction of the SCCS files is done by running the script.



Preserve only those deltas whose SCCS IDs are specified in the comma-separated list. Use a hyphen (-) to supply a range; e.g., 1.3,2.1-2.5.


Access the reconstructed file at the release number of the delta that is created, instead of at the most recent ancestor. This option may change the tree structure.


In reconstructing file, discard all deltas whose SCCS identification string is older than sid.


Generate a shell script that calculates how much the file has been reduced in size. -s is useful as a preview of what comb will do when actually run.

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