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UNIX Commands
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face [options] [files]

Invoke the Framed Access Command Environment Interface and open files. By convention, each filename must be of the form Menu.string, Form.string, or Text.string, depending on the type of object being opened. If no files are specified, face opens the FACE menu along with the default objects specified by the environment variable LOGINWIN.


-a afile

Load the list of pathname aliases specified in the file afile. Entries have the form alias=pathname. Once this file is loaded, you can use the shorthand notation $alias to refer to a long pathname.

-c cfile

Load the list of command aliases specified in the file cfile. This file allows you to modify the default behavior of FACE commands or create new commands.

-i ifile

Load file ifile, which specifies startup features such as the introductory frame, banner information, screen colors, and labels.

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