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Chapter 7. Printing

Table of Contents
7.1. What the Spooler Does
7.2. Why You Should Use the Spooler
7.3. Setting Up the Spooling System
7.4. Simple Printer Setup
7.5. Using Printers
7.6. Advanced Printer Setup
7.7. Alternatives to the Standard Spooler
7.8. Acknowledgments

Contributed by Sean Kelly 30 September 1995

In order to use printers with FreeBSD, you will need to set them up to work with the Berkeley line printer spooling system, also known as the LPD spooling system. It is the standard printer control system in FreeBSD. This section introduces the LPD spooling system, often simply called LPD.

If you are already familiar with LPD or another printer spooling system, you may wish to skip to section Setting up the spooling system.

7.1. What the Spooler Does

LPD controls everything about a host's printers. It is responsible for a number of things:

Through a configuration file, and by providing the special filter programs, you can enable the LPD system to do all or some subset of the above for a great variety of printer hardware.