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I.5 Red Hat Software, Inc.'s Role in Linux Development

Red Hat Software, Inc.'s Role in Linux Development

The Red Hat Linux distribution is also issued under the GPL. We see our role as making the Linux OS easy to install, configure, and maintain for professional developers, system administrators, and students. Red Hat Linux is available at no cost and few restrictions (see the GPL) on many ftp sites on the Internet. It is also available on CD from Red Hat Software http://www.redhat.com or (919) 547-0012 and from most of the Linux archive CD vendors.

Red Hat Software, Inc. provides support for users of the Linux OS, from individuals running a single workstation to large organizations running hundreds of networked machines, in a variety of programs.

We gratefully acknowledge the support that we have received from the Linux development community including Linus Torvalds, everyone on the Linux contributors list, and the thousands of other developers who helped make Linux the success it is today. We would also like to acknowledge the growing contribution of commercial developers to our efforts including Digital Equipment Corporation, O'Reilly & Associates, Metro Linux Inc, and many others. You are encouraged to use Red Hat's Linux distribution, to develop and add features, or simply package programs that you need or that you think others would appreciate. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help you require.

You can contact Red Hat Software directly at: info@redhat.com.

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