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Appendix I Red Hat and Freely Distributable Software.

Red Hat and Freely Distributable Software.

I.0.1 Red Hat History

Red Hat History

Linux, like Unix itself, is a very modular operating system. The skills required to select, compile, link, and install, the various components that are needed for a complete Linux OS are beyond the experience of most people who might want to use Linux. The various Linux distributions go a long way towards solving this for the average Linux user, but most do not address the problem of how to upgrade your Linux system once you get it successfully installed. Most users found it easier to delete their whole Linux system and reinstall from scratch when they needed to upgrade.

The Red Hat distribution makes Linux easier to install and maintain by providing the user with advanced package management, graphical (point and click!) system installation and control, and system administration tools.

I.1 The Free Software Model

I.2 The Evolution of ``Free Software''

I.3 The GNU Public License

I.4 Will Linux Replace Commercial OSes?

I.5 Red Hat Software, Inc.'s Role in Linux Development

I.6 Further Reading

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