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G.1 Special Features

Special Features

G.1.1 Hot-Key Exit

Hot-Key Exit

Metro-X supports a hot-key exit. This is useful for terminating the X server if the last client in your .xinitrc or .xsession does not provide a way to exit the session. The exit key combination is [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[Backspace].

G.1.2 Hot-Key Resolution Switching

Hot-Key Resolution Switching

When configuring Metro-X you can select several screen resolutions. You can then change resolutions on the fly while running your X server by pressing the appropriate key combination. To switch to the next resolution, press [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[+]. To switch to the previous resolution, press [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[-].

G.1.3 Hardware Panning

Hardware Panning

Metro-X supports hardware panning. This lets you set the virtual resolution higher than the monitor's physical resolution. Windows can then extend beyond the screen's physical boundaries and can be viewed by scrolling into the extended area.

G.1.4 Multiple Screens

Multiple Screens

Metro-X supports up to four screens which can all be controlled simultaneously with a single keyboard and mouse. This allows you to run many applications without overlapping windows, and is particularly useful for image-processing work.

In a multiple screen configuration there is one X process, one mouse, and one keyboard - but several screens. The mouse/cursor can be moved between the different screens. Clients connect to the different screens with the syntax -display :0.X where X is the screen number.

G.1.4.1 Supported Cards

Supported Cards

Use up to four of any one card from the following list:

G.1.5 International Keyboards

International Keyboards Metro-X uses the X Keyboard extension to support various keyboards. The keyboard description contains information about the physical layout of a keyboard, the key codes that come from the keyboard, and the symbol information needed to map the keycodes into keysyms.

Metro-X provides many predefined configurations, sorted by language and country. These configurations are selected through configX (section 6.3.3).

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