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F.1 CD-ROM parameters

CD-ROM parameters

Hardware Parameter
Mitsumi CD-ROM mcd=port,irq
Sony CDU 31 or 33 CD-ROM cdu31a_port=base_addr cdu31a_irq=irq
Aztech CD268 aztcd=port
SB Pro or 16 compatible sbpcd=io_addr,sb_pro_setting
ATAPI/IDE CD-ROM Drives hdx=cdrom

Examples of the above would be:

Configuration Example
non-IDE Mitsumi CD-ROM on port 340, IRQ 11 mcd=0x340,11
Sony CDU 31 or 33 at port 340, no IRQ cdu31a_port=0x340 cdu31a_irq=0
Aztech CD-ROM at port 220 aztcd=0x220
ATAPI CD-ROM, jumpered as master on 2nd interface hdc=cdrom
Panasonic-type CD-ROM on a SoundBlaster at port 230 sbpcd=0x230,1

Please Note: Most newer Sound Blaster cards come with IDE interfaces. You do not need to use sbpcd parameters, only use hdx parameters.

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