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Appendix F General Parameters

General Parameters

This appendix is provided to illustrate some of the possible parameters that may be needed by certain drivers. It should be noted that, in most cases, these additional parameters are unnecessary.

Please keep in mind that if a device you are attempting to use requires one of these parameters, and support for that device is not compiled into the kernel, the traditional method of adding the parameter to the LILO boot command will not work. Drivers loaded as modules require that these parameters are specified when the module is loaded. The Red Hat Linux installation program gives you the option to specify module parameters when a driver is loaded.

For more information concerning the device support compiled into the kernel used by the Red Hat Linux installation program, please refer to Section 2.6.

One of the more commonly used parameters, the hdX=cdrom parameter, can be entered at the boot prompt, as it deals with support for IDE/ATAPI CD-ROMs, which is part of the kernel.

F.1 CD-ROM parameters

F.2 SCSI parameters

F.3 Ethernet parameters

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