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C.7 Installation Using a Serial Terminal

Installation Using a Serial Terminal

You can also install Red Hat Linux/SPARC using a serial terminal attached to your SPARC system. Any terminal which can emulate a VT100 (or a computer with terminal emulation software) will work fine. Boot as you would normally, and at the SILO prompt enter:

linux serial

The installation program runs on the first serial port at 9600 baud, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit (often called 9600,8,N,1). The installation program can run in color, if your serial terminal supports color. Note that a computer running kermit and connected to your SPARC system will display in color.

At any prompt dialog during a serial installation (any dialog with an OK button), you can press [Ctrl]-[Z] to start a subshell. To return to the installation program, enter exit at the shell prompt.

When the installation is complete, simply boot normally, and Red Hat Linux should come up on your serial terminal.

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