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Appendix C Information Specific to Red Hat Linux/SPARC

Information Specific to Red Hat Linux/SPARC

This appendix describes the differences between Red Hat Linux/SPARC and Red Hat Linux/Intel installations. While it provides a good overview of these differences, it does not completely document the installation process. For that, you will need to read chapters 2, 3, and 6 in order. These chapters will refer you to the appropriate parts of this appendix at the appropriate time.

In addition, there is a Linux/SPARC homepage at
http://www.geog.ubc.ca/s_linux.html. It has a wealth of information for people considering Red Hat Linux/SPARC, and is a great resource.

C.1 Supported Hardware

C.2 Installation Overview

C.3 Console Commands

C.4 Ramdisk-based Installation Criteria

C.5 Choosing a Boot Method

C.6 Choosing an Installation Method

C.7 Installation Using a Serial Terminal

C.8 Installation: Selecting System Components

C.9 SILO Configuration

C.10 Partitioning

C.11 X Windows

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