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A.3 Support FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Support FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are a few questions that the Red Hat Support Staff see frequently, along with the answers:

Question -- I've sent several messages to the Red Hat Support System, and I've gotten absolutely no response. Is anybody there?

Answer -- Check your registration information to make sure your email address is correct. You can check it by logging in at

Question -- I know I have already registered, but I keep getting a message from the support system telling me I'm not registered. Is the system broken?

Answer -- Make sure to register via the World Wide Web at
http://www.redhat.com/support/register/. If you didn't please do so, by first accessing the registration page. Next, input a login name and click on Create Login. After this you will be prompted to input some personal information. When finished click on the Submit button and then enter your registration number which should look something like fffe 0fff ff00 ff00. Then be sure to enter all the information about your system. This information can be maintained by logging in and accessing your registration information from

Question -- But I registered via email. Why isn't the support system working?

Answer -- When you register via email, your message goes to an actual human who registers you manually; this can delay your registration anywhere from several hours to several days.

Question -- I've done everything perfectly for my registration, but I'm still getting messages telling me I have an invalid registration number.

Answer -- Please make sure you're using a valid product registration number. If you have not purchased the official box set from Red Hat Software or a Vendor that sells the official version (it will say 'official' on the box) you will not be able to register, as Red Hat Software cannot support products packaged and sold by other software publishers.

Question -- I see this thing on the registration page that asks me what my login is? What is my login anyway?

Answer -- If you are a first time user of the the support system or accessed the support system after August 15, 1997 then the Login can be whatever you want it to be. It must be all one word and if there is already a duplicate you will be warned of an error. If you accessed the system before this time and have a valid registration, your login will be the email address you had when registering and the password will be the old Support ID number. You can change the password if you like; however the login cannot be changed.

Question -- I've tried entering a login and password but it won't accept it. Why won't it accept the password I'm trying to enter?

Answer -- The password must be a minimum of 5 alphanumeric characters long and no more than 8. Make sure you typed in the exact same password both times for both password fields on the registration page.

Question -- I hear that it's possible to change my registration information and view all my old tickets and the past correspondence. How do I do that?

Answer -- Simply login to the registration page at
http://www.redhat.com/support/register and all these options will be available to you. If you need to reference an old trouble ticket, change your system information, or just check up on the status of a trouble ticket, visit this page. You can also open a trouble ticket with valid registration numbers directly from the web from these pages.

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