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A.1 An Overview of Our Support Policy

An Overview of Our Support Policy

Red Hat Software provides 30-day installation support for people that have purchased the Official Red Hat Linux product.

Red Hat will provide support to registered purchasers of the Red Hat Linux Boxed Set. This support will be provided by means of electronic mail. In the case that the user doesn't have access to e-mail, fax support will be provided for those requests submitted with complete registration numbers.

In order to receive support it is necessary to register the product via the World Wide Web at http://www.redhat.com/support/register or by sending
mail including the registration number to register@redhat.com.

After registering successfully, support may be obtained by sending a specially formatted message to support@redhat.com. The message format is described in the support HOW-TO, located at:


This e-mail will then be delivered to Red Hat Software support where it will be distributed to a Red Hat Support Engineer.

As the name implies, installation support centers on helping you successfully install Red Hat Linux on your computer. This includes support in three distinct areas:

Naturally, although our installation support service will get your system running Red Hat Linux, there are many other optional tasks that you might want to undertake, such as compiling a customized kernel, adding support for devices not included in the installation process, and so on.

For assistance with these tasks, please consider the many books on Linux at your local bookstore, or various on-line resources. A starting point in your on-line search for Linux information should always be:


for information specific to Red Hat Linux, or:


for more general Linux information. Another good resource is

Red Hat Software can only support customers that have purchased the official Red Hat Linux Box set. If you have obtained Red Hat from any other publisher, you must contact them for support. Examples of other publishers would be:

Also, RHL-Intel obtained via any of the following methods does not qualified for support from Red Hat Software:

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