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Managing Files and Directories

3 Managing Files and Directories

If you're a Linux newbie -- and there are many -- you may feel a little disoriented when you want to accomplish your first tasks.

Relax. If you've had any experience with other operating systems, learning Linux is a bit like learning to drive in a new country: The ideas are the same, but some of the particulars are a bit different.

We'll go over several of those ``rules of the road'' in this chapter.

But there's one component of your new operating system you just can't do without: the shell. We've made numerous references to the shell -- as in ``shell prompt,'' or ``bash.''

Now, it's time to learn a little more about this indispensable tool. But first, a little history...

3.1 Shell Collecting

3.2 Locating Files and Directories

3.3 Command History and Tab Completion

3.4 Identifying and Working with File Types

3.5 Copying, Moving and Renaming Files and Directories

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