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Stringing Commands Together

2.11 Stringing Commands Together

Linux allows you to enter multiple commands at one time. The only requirement is that you separate the commands with a semicolon.

Want to see how long you've been online using Netscape? Just combine the date command with Netscape's command.

date; netscape; date

Remember that commands are case sensitive, so the command to start Netscape must be in lower-case to start the browser.

In the xterm window, we'll see something like this:

[billy@localhost billy] date; netscape; date
Saturday Mar 27 21:26:27 EST 1999

We'll see the second date entry when we close out of Netscape. Then, our screen will look like this:

[billy@localhost billy] date; netscape; date
Fri Mar 26 13:26:27 EST 1999
Fri Mar 26 14:28:32 EST 1999
[billy@localhost billy]

And the prompt will return. The discrepancy between the two results from the date command shows that we were using Netscape for just over an hour.

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