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X Marks the Spot

1.5 X Marks the Spot

If you installed the X Window System (also known simply as X) at the time of your Red Hat Linux installation, you've got a pleasing, graphical environment in which to work.

If you didn't install X at that time, and you wish to use the X Window System, your best bet is to return to the CD at this time and re-install Red Hat Linux 6.0. (Sigh...)

Certainly, there are other ways of installing X, but if you're fairly new to Red Hat Linux, and if you're starting out with a brand new installation, you'll find it takes less time -- and frustration -- to simply redo the installation.

Figure 7: Starting the X Window System from the prompt

If you did install the X Window System -- but didn't choose to start GNOME automatically you're still ready to go.

At the shell prompt, type:


and the X Window System will begin (refer to Figure 7).

Please Note: You're logged into the system as the root account, also known as superuser. There's a reason the root account is known as superuser: In this account, you can make changes to just about anything. Unless you know what you're doing, you can easily harm your system by mistakenly changing settings.

Although you may be tempted to modify files or directories, you should resist making any changes until you've created a user account.

To log out of X, bring your mouse cursor to the GNOME panel, then left-click on the GNOME footprint. A menu of applications, utilities, games and other programs will pop up.

``Drag'' your cursor to the item labeled Log out (as shown in Figure 5).

  • Tip: You can ``drag'' your cursor by keeping the mouse button depressed with your finger while moving the cursor to your selected item. Once the cursor is over the item on the menu, releasing the mouse button will start the program.

  • Now, a separate window will appear, asking you to confirm your decision to log out.

    Click on Yes, and you'll be returned to the console.

    You now will be back at your original shell prompt, so if you are done for the day, you should log out here too.

    Whenever you want to start another X session, just type startx from the prompt.

  • Summary: At the prompt, type startx; to exit -- GNOME panel -> Log out

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