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The Linux-PAM Application Developers' Guide

Andrew G. Morgan, morgan@linux.kernel.org

DRAFT v0.63 1998/1/18

This manual documents what an application developer needs to know about the Linux-PAM library. It describes how an application might use the Linux-PAM library to authenticate users. In addition it contains a description of the funtions to be found in libpam_misc library, that can be used in general applications. Finally, it contains some comments on PAM related security issues for the application developer.

1. Introduction

2. Overview

3. The public interface to Linux-PAM

4. Security issues of Linux-PAM

5. A library of miscellaneous helper functions

6. Porting legacy applications

7. Glossary of PAM related terms

8. An example application

9. Files

10. See also

11. Notes

12. Author/acknowledgments

13. Bugs/omissions

14. Copyright information for this document

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