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  Oracle8 Installation Guide for LINUX
Release 8.0.5





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1 Requireents and Features

Installation Overview
Syste Installation Requireents
Hardware Requireents
Operating Syste Software Requireents
Additional Product-Specific Installation Requireents
Disk Space and eory Requireents
Operating Syste and Installation-Specific Issues and Restrictions

2 Setting the Environent

LINUX Environent Suary
Tasks to Perfor as the root User
Tasks to Perfor as the oracle User
Setup Tasks for Individual Oracle Products
Tools and Precopilers

3 Installation Tasks

Starting the Installer
Installer Propts
Database Creation Propts
Installing Docuentation
How to Install Docuentation
Verifying the Installer Session

4 Configuring the Oracle8 Syste

Tasks to Perfor as the root User
Tasks to Perfor as the oracle User
Post-Installation for Individual Oracle Products
Accessing Installed Docuentation

5 Upgrading and igrating

Selecting an Upgrade ethod
Restrictions and Other Considerations
Pre-Upgrade Tasks
Post-Upgrade Tasks

A Using the Oracle Installer

Navigation and Help
Installer Help Syste
Creating Database Objects
Installer-Created Database Objects
Default and Repeat Installations
Default Installation Path
Silent ode (for Repeat Installations)
Upgrades and Patch Set Installations
Patch Sets
Other Installer Functions
Rebuilding the Client Shared Library and Relinking
Reoving Products
Building a Staging Area
Insufficient Disk Space
Relinking Error essages
Staging Area Probles
User Errors

B Basic LINUX for Installing Oracle8

Essential LINUX Concepts
Case Sensitivity
Executable Scripts
Wildcard Characters
Overview of Basic LINUX Coands
Basic LINUX Coands for Chapter 2, Setting the Environent
Basic LINUX Coands for Chapter 3, Installation Tasks
Basic LINUX Coands for Chapter 4, Configuring the Oracle8 Syste
Basic LINUX Coands for Installing Oracle8
Basic LINUX Syntax and Descriptions

C National Language Support

Supported Sort Sequences
Supported Character Sets
Supported Languages and Territories