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This page is a resource of the Networking Group of the BTC, affiliated with the College of Computing of Georgia Tech.


There are two locations at which you can access this site:
  • Main Site at Georgia Tech in the United States.
  • Eurpean Mirror generously provided by Isternet in the Slovak Republic.


These pages relating to Linux network management are written and maintained by Brandon Rhodes of the Georgia Tech College of Computing, who is responsible for their content. Feel free to mail comments and suggestions!

Overview of Linux Networking

Many visitors to this page might not be aware of the powerful networking capabilities Linux offers right out of the box, before being supplemented by one or more of the management packages described below. These two pages offer clear explanations of Linux's basic network features and tools, along with references to more information on each topic:
This is an overview of the networking capabilities of Linux.

Basic Network Commands
A full installation of Linux has an excellent selection of networking commands and tools. This document provides a summary introduction to them.

Software Catalogs

Network management, like many contemporary fields of Linux development, offers several sources of good quality fundamental tools, and a few small and well-executed applications; but nothing that yet matches the large commercial products in the field, such as Enterprise Manager or OpenView. For a programmer such as myself, who wants to perform fundamental operations efficiently from my favorite scripting language, this situation is quite satisfactory; more pedestrian users with quite complex networks might want to wait for the application base to mature.
Network Monitoring
The primary desire of a network operator is to be able to efficiently and remotely determine that status of the network devices he supports. Several very useful packages are available to perform these functions under Linux. Most of them offer Web interfaces, and some will email or page you when alarms pass a configured threshold.

SNMP Querying
There are many utilities available for requesting management information from remote devices that support the SNMP protocol. There is a query package for every major extensible scripting language, as well as several that operate from the command line. I not only describe these packages, but have developed benchmarks to determine which are the most efficient.

Miscellaneous Packages
Several packages do not quite fit either of the above categories, so for the moment I have grouped them into a single category. Such is the custom of our times.

Other Resources

The SimpleWeb server provides links and information about network management. It is maintained by the Telematics Systems and Services management group (TSS) of the University of Twente (the Netherlands), in collaboration with Jürgen Schönwälder of the TU Braunschweig (Germany).

Linas Vepstas maintains a page of Linux SNMP Network Management References whose contents are mostly subsumed in this site, except that his catalog includes several commercial packages (whereas I have concentrated on free software).

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