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This changelog is primarily for use by translators of the LASG. Format is YYYY/MM/DD - changes. Most recent are at the bottom.

1999/10/09 - Rewrote a chunk of the WWW server section

1999/10/10 - Fixed up the servers/* section, some edits to index.html, no real changes to the other pages. Fixed various links. Fixed up network/* section, merged network-config files and utilities. Minor updates to kernel/index.html (some editing). Combined attach-detection/* into index.html and did some minor edits/additions (AntiSniff). Combined all the appendices (appendices/*) into appendices/index.html. Merged the network/* section into network/index.html, no edits. Merged the administravia/* section into administravia/index.html. Edited distributions/vendor-contact.index slightly.

1999/10/12 - Added secret-share to encryption/index.html. Added apache-userdirldap to servers/www/index.html. Added proftpd-ldap to servers/ftp/index.html. Added servers/ldap/index.html. Added links to CD ISO project in installation/index.html. Added BSD ftpd to servers/ftp/index.html. Added BestCrypt to encryption/index.html. Added distributions/netmax/index.html. Added NetMAX to distributions/vendor-contact.html.

1999/10/13 - Added Firewall scripts to servers/firewall/index.html. Added nullmailer to servers/email/index.html. Added ldap-client-cgi.py to servers/ldap/index.html. Added Virtual Private Server to vpn/index.html. I think the firewall chapter will be split off into it's own section next week.

1999/10/17 - Added StegHide to encryption/index.html. Added Muddleftpd and Troll ftpd to servers/ftp/index.html. Added VNC to administration/index.html. Added SINUS Firewall to servers/firewall/index.html. Added SSH Win32 ports to servers/shell/index.html, and re-organized it (cut out some redundancy). Added Finding software to software/index.html. Added Stack Shield to kernel/index.html (have to move Stackguard/Stack Shield t the software section and reorganize it). Added TWIG to servers/www-email/index.html. 

1999/10/19 - Added Dynamic Relay Authorization Control  and MasqMail to servers/email/index.html. Added IRE to ipsec/index.html. Added PAM Cryptocard Module to servers/authentication/index.html. Added information about network encryption to encryption/index.html. Added Virtual Tunnel to vpn/index.html. Added webfs to servers/www/index.html. 


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Written by Kurt Seifried