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Example: mouse conversion

If you want a driver that acts a bit more like a kernel-level driver, but does not live in kernel space, you can also make a fifo, or named pipe. This usually lives in the /dev/ directory (although it doesn't need to) and acts substantially like a device once set up. However, fifo's are one-directional only -- they have one reader and one writer.

For instance, it used to be that if you had a PS/2-style mouse, and wanted to run XFree86, you had to create a fifo called /dev/mouse, and run a program called mconv which read PS/2 mouse ``droppings'' from /dev/psaux, and wrote the equivalent microsoft-style ``droppings'' to /dev/mouse. Then XFree86 would read the ``droppings'' from /dev/mouse, and it would be as if there were a microsoft mouse connected to /dev/mouse.gif

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