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How file operations are dispatched to the console

This paragraph is quite low-level, and can be happily skipped over.

Needless to say, a device is accessed though the filesystem. This paragraph details all steps from the device file to the actual console functions. Moreover, the following information is extracted from the 1.1.73 source code, and it may be slightly different from the 1.0 source.

When a device inode is opened, the function chrdev_open() (or blkdev_open(), but we'll stich to character devices) in ../../fs/devices.c gets executed. This function is reached by means of the structure def_chr_fops, which in turn is referenced by chrdev_inode_operations, used by all the filesystem types (see the previous section about filesystems).

chrdev_open takes care of specifying the device operations by substituting the device specific file_operations table in the current filp and calls the specific open(). Device specific tables are kept in the array chrdevs[], indexed by the majour device number, and filled by the same ../../fs/devices.c.

If the device is a tty one (aren't we aiming at the console?), we come to the tty drivers, whose functions are in tty_io.c, indexed by tty_fops. Thus, tty_open() calls init_dev(), which allocates any data structure needed by the device, based on the minor device number.

The minor number is also used to retrieve the actual driver for the device, which has been registered through tty_register_driver(). The driver, then, is still another structure used to dispatch computation, just like file_ops; it is concerned with writing and controlling the device. The last data structure used in managing a tty is the line discipline, described later. The line discipline for the console (and any other tty device) is set by initialize_tty_struct(), invoked by init_dev.

Everything we touched in this paragraph is device-independent. The only console-specific particular is that console.c, has registered its own driver during con_init(). The line discipline, on the contrary, in independent of the device.




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