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POSTGRESQL allows you to place any text into psql for use as comments. There are three comment styles. The presence of two dashes (-) marks all text to the end of the line as a comment. Two slashes (//) behave the same way, like C++ comments. POSTGRESQL also understand C-style comments, where the comment begins with slash-asterisk (/*) and ends with asterisk-slash (*/). Figure [*] shows these comment styles. Notice how the multi-line comment is marked by a psql command prompt of *>. It is a reminder you are in a multi-line comment, just as -> is a reminder that you are in a multi-line statement, and '> is a reminder you are in a multi-line quoted string.

Figure: Comment styles
\par test{*}>~~{*}~comment
\par test{*}>~~{*}/\end{list}\par

Bruce Momjian