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Controlling a Session

Congratulations. You have successfully connected to the POSTGRESQL server. You can now issue commands, and receive replies from the server. Let's try one. Type SELECT USER; and press Enter (see figure [*]).

Figure: My first SQL query
\par postgres
\par (1~row)~\\

If you make a mistake, just press backspace and retype.This should show your login name underneath the dashed line. In the example, the login name postgres is shown. The word getpgusername is a column label. The server is also reporting that it has returned one row of data. The line test=> tells you that the server is done and is waiting for your next database query.

Let's try another one. At the test=> prompt, type SELECT CURRENT_TIME; and press Enter. It should show the current time. Each time you execute the query, the server will report the current time to you.


Bruce Momjian