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Appendix A. Release Notes

Table of Contents
A.1. 7.3devel Development Branch
A.2. Release 7.2.1
A.3. Release 7.2
A.4. Release 7.1.3
A.5. Release 7.1.2
A.6. Release 7.1.1
A.7. Release 7.1
A.8. Release 7.0.3
A.9. Release 7.0.2
A.10. Release 7.0.1
A.11. Release 7.0
A.12. Release 6.5.3
A.13. Release 6.5.2
A.14. Release 6.5.1
A.15. Release 6.5
A.16. Release 6.4.2
A.17. Release 6.4.1
A.18. Release 6.4
A.19. Release 6.3.2
A.20. Release 6.3.1
A.21. Release 6.3
A.22. Release 6.2.1
A.23. Release 6.2
A.24. Release 6.1.1
A.25. Release 6.1
A.26. Release 6.0
A.27. Release 1.09
A.28. Release 1.02
A.29. Release 1.01
A.30. Release 1.0
A.31. Postgres95 Release 0.03
A.32. Postgres95 Release 0.02
A.33. Postgres95 Release 0.01

A.1. 7.3devel Development Branch

Below is a subset of the changes that have gone into the development branch of PostgreSQL since version 7.2. For a complete list of changes, consult the CVS logs.

EXPLAIN output comes out as a query result, not a NOTICE message
DOMAINs (types that are constrained versions of base types)
Access privileges on functions
Access privileges on procedural languages
CREATE DATABASE has OWNER option so superuser can create DB for someone else
Kerberos 5 support now works with Heimdal
Database and user-specific session defaults of run-time configurations variables