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Oracle8 Administrator's Reference
Release 8.0.5 for Intel-LINUX







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Oracle8 and Oracle8 Enterprise Edition
Typographic Conventions
Command Syntax

1 Optimal Flexible Architecture on Oracle8

Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA)
Characteristics of OFA-Compliant Database
OFA Implemented on Oracle8 for LINUX
Naming Mount Points
Naming Directories
Naming Files
Naming Tablespaces
Exploiting OFA Structure for Oracle Files
OFA File Mapping
Raw Device Sizes
File Mapping for Multiple-Instance OFA Database
Directory Structure
Default OFA Database

2 Administering Oracle8 on LINUX

Customizing the initsid.ora File
Sample init Sample initsid.ora File
Setting the Environment
Displaying and Setting Environment Variables
Setting a Common Environment
Database Examples
Environment Variables for Oracle8
Oracle Environment Variables on LINUX
LINUX Environment Variables Used with Oracle8
Setting the System Time
Estimating Oracle8 Server Memory Usage
Calculating Cluster Size and Index Size
Calculating Cluster Size
Calculating Index Size
Server Resource Limits
Initialization Parameters
Default Initialization Parameter Values
Controlling the System Global Area
Size limits of the SGA
Calculating the Size of the SGA
Relocating the SGA
Managing Special Accounts and Groups
Managing Security
Groups and Security
Security for Oracle Server Utilities
Security for Server Manager Commands
Security for Database Files
Network Security
Enabling Automatic Logins for Oracle Net8
Checking Order
Security and Remote Passwords
Administering Login Home Directories
Building and Running Demonstrations
Loading PL/SQL Demonstrations
Running PL/SQL Demonstrations
SQL*Loader Demonstrations
Administering SQL*Loader
Oracle Security Server
Oracle8 Server SQL Reference

3 Tuning Oracle8 on LINUX

The Importance of Tuning
Before Tuning the System
SQL Scripts
utlbstat and utlestat SQL Scripts
Tuning Memory Management
Allocate Sufficient Swap Space
Control Paging
Hold the SGA in a Single Shared Memory Segment
Tuning Disk I/O
Tune the Database Writer to Increase Write Bandwidth
Monitoring Disk Performance
Disk Performance Issues
Tuning CPU Usage
Keep All Oracle Users/Processes at the Same Priority
Use Processor Affinity/Binding on Multi-Processor Systems
Use Single-Task Linking for Large Exports/Imports and SQL*Loader Jobs
Tuning Oracle Resource Contention
Tune LINUX Kernel Parameters
Tuning Block Size and File Size
Specifying Oracle Block Size
Tuning the LINUX Buffer Cache Size
Adjusting Cache Size
Using Trace and Alert Files
Trace File Names
Alert Files

4 Administering SQL*Plus on LINUX

Administering SQL*Plus
Setup Files
The Site Profile
The User Profile
Demonstration Tables
Help Facility
Using SQL*Plus
Using a System Editor from SQL*Plus
Setting the Order of the Editor
Setting the _editor option
Setting Environment Variables
Default Settings
Running Operating System Commands from SQL*Plus
Interrupting SQL*Plus
Using the SPOOL Command
COPY Command
Resizing Windows
Return Codes

5 Using Oracle Precompilers and the Oracle Call Interface on LINUX

Overview of Oracle Precompilers
Relinking Precompiler Executables
Precompiler Configuration Files
Issues Common to All Precompilers
Supplemental Documentation
Administering Pro*C/C++
Using Pro*C/C++
Oracle Call Interface
Using the Oracle Call Interface
Oracle Precompiler and Oracle Call Interface Linking and Makefiles
Custom Makefiles
Undefined Symbols
Thread Support
Static and Dynamic Linking with Oracle Libraries
Using Signal Handlers
XA Functionality

6 Configuring Oracle Net8

Supplemental Documentation
Supplementary Information in README Files
Core Net8 Products and Features
Net8 Files and Utilities
Oracle Connection Manager
Multi-Threaded Server
Oracle Names
Oracle Net8 Protocol Adapters
The BEQ Protocol Adapter
Overview of the BEQ Protocol Adapter
Specifying a BEQ ADDRESS
The IPC Protocol Adapter
Overview of the IPC Protocol Adapter
Specifying an IPC ADDRESS
The TCP/IP Protocol Adapter
Overview of the TCP/IP Protocol Adapter
Specifying a TCP/IP ADDRESS
Net8 Naming Adapters
Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Intelligent Agent


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