Berkeley DB Reference Guide: Sendmail
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Berkeley DB Reference Guide: Sendmail

Using Berkeley DB with Sendmail

If you are attempting to use Berkeley DB with Sendmail 8.8.X, you must use Berkeley DB version 1.85. Berkeley DB versions 2.0 and later are only supported by Sendmail versions 8.9.X and later.

We strongly recommend that you not use Berkeley DB version 1.85, as it is no longer maintained or supported and has known bugs that can cause Sendmail to fail. Instead, please upgrade to Sendmail version 8.9.X or later and then use Berkeley DB version 2. For more information on using Berkeley DB with Sendmail, please review the README and src/README files in the Sendmail distribution.

To download Sendmail, or to obtain more information on Sendmail, see the Sendmail home page, which includes FAQ pages and problem addresses.