Berkeley DB Reference Guide: Programmer Notes
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Berkeley DB Reference Guide: Programmer Notes

Run-time configuration

There are two main ways of configuring Berkeley DB at run-time. The first is db_jump_set, which allows applications to intercept Berkeley DB requests for underlying library or system call functionality. The second is db_value_set which allows applications to re-configure, on an application-wide basis, Berkeley DB behaviors.

The db_jump_set and db_value_set interfaces are only available from the C API.

A not-uncommon problem for applications is the new API in Solaris 2.6 for manipulating large files. As this API was not part of Solaris 2.5, it is difficult to create a single binary that takes advantage of the large file functionality in Solaris 2.6 but which still run on Solaris 2.5. Example code that allows this, using the db_jump_set interface, is included here.