Berkeley DB Reference Guide: Architecture
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Berkeley DB Reference Guide: Architecture

Supporting utilities

There are several stand-alone utilities that support the Berkeley DB environment. They are as follows:

The db_archive utility supports database backup, archival and log file administration.

The db_recover utility runs after an unexpected Berkeley DB or system failure to restore the database to a consistent state.

The db_checkpoint utility runs as a daemon process, monitoring the database log and periodically issuing checkpoints.

The db_deadlock utility runs as a daemon process, periodically traversing the database lock structures and aborting transactions when it detects a deadlock.

The db_dump utility writes a copy of the database to a flat-text file in a portable format.

The db_load, utility reads the flat-text file produced by db_dump and loads it into a database file.

The db_stat utility displays statistics for databases and database environments.

All of the functionality described for these utilities is available as part of the Berkeley DB API as well. This means that threaded applications can simply create a thread to perform this functionality and call the same underlying Berkeley DB functions as do the utilities. This often simplifies the application environment by removing the necessity for multiple processes to negotiate database and database environment creation.