Berkeley DB: DbMpool
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#include <db_cxx.h>


This manual page describes the specific details of the DbMpool class.

The DbMpool and DbMpoolFile classes are the library interface intended to provide general-purpose, page-oriented, shared memory buffer management of underlying files. While designed to work with the other Db classes, this class is also useful for more general purposes. The shared memory buffer pools (DbMpool's) are referred to in this document as simply pools.

Pools may be shared between processes. Pools are usually filled by pages from one or more files (DbMpoolFile's). Pages in the pool are replaced in LRU (least-recently-used) order, with each new page replacing the page that has been unused the longest. Pages retrieved from the pool using DbMpoolFile::get are pinned in the pool, by default, until they are returned to the pool's control using the DbMpoolFile::put method.



See Also

DbMpool::close, DbMpool::open, DbMpool::db_register, DbMpool::stat, DbMpool::sync, DbMpool::trickle and DbMpool::unlink.