Berkeley DB: DbLog
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#include <db_cxx.h>


This manual page describes the specific details of the DbLog class.

This class provide a general-purpose logging facility sufficient for transaction management. Logs can be shared by multiple processes.

The Berkeley DB transaction log is represented by a directory containing a set of files. The log is a record-oriented, append-only file, with records identified and accessed via DbLsn's (database log sequence numbers).

DbLsn's are returned on each DbLog::put operation, and only those DbLsn's returned by DbLog::put can later be used to retrieve records from the log.



See Also

DbLog::archive, DbLog::close, DbLog::compare, DbLog::file, DbLog::flush, DbLog::get, DbLog::open, DbLog::put, DbLog::db_register, DbLog::stat, DbLog::unlink and DbLog::db_unregister.