Berkeley DB: DbInfo
Полезная информация


#include <db_cxx.h>

DbInfo::DbInfo(); DbInfo::~DbInfo(); DbInfo::DbInfo(const DbInfo &); DbInfo::DbInfo &operator = (const DbInfo &);


This manual page describes the DbInfo class. A DbInfo object is used in conjunction with the Db::open method to specify particular configuration options for the open. The DbInfo class provides simple access to an underlying data structure, whose elements can be examined or changed using the set_ or get_ methods.

The default constructor sets all elements of the underlying structure to zero. Some of the fields are specific to a type of file format (one of btree, hashed and recno) and are thus named with an underscore separated string, bt, h and re, respectively. For example, the DbInfo::set_bt_minkey method sets the underlying bt_minkey field, and this field is only used when opening a btree file.

No reference to the DbInfo object is maintained by Db, so it is possible to discard it as soon as the Db::open call returns.

If possible, defaults appropriate for the system are used for the DbInfo fields if no dbinfo parameter is provided or if any fields of the DbInfo object are not explicitly set.



See Also

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