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Teach Yourself Oracle 8 In 21 Days

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- Week 1 At a Glance -

You will spend Days 1-3 in the introductory section of the book, where the foundation for all subsequent lessons is built. This section begins with an introduction to Oracle and database concepts. Here you will learn a bit of Oracle history as well as read an explanation of terms and concepts. Subsequent lessons contain an introduction to the Oracle8 architecture. Understanding the architecture and operation of Oracle8 can offer great insight into why many DBA actions are taken. A tutorial on how to install Oracle8 will also be provided in this section. Finally, my good friend Steve DeLuca, world-renowned capacity planning expert from Oracle, will teach you how to size a system and plan for future growth.

Managing Database Storage

Days 4-7 cover topics concerning management of the Oracle database (including extensive use of Enterprise Manager), databases and datafiles, and tablespaces. Coverage regarding managing database storage continues into week 2.

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