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Teach Yourself Oracle 8 In 21 Days

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- Week 3 In Review -

During week 3, you learned more about the tasks required of the Oracle administrator and finished learning about the structure of the data itself. You learned about the management of user accounts, Oracle processes, security, backup and recovery, and tuning.

Oracle Security

Day 15 covers various topics relating to Oracle security matters. One of the most common tasks of the Oracle DBA is the administration of users and security. Also covered here is the use of Oracle auditing.

Backup and Recovery

Days 16-18 cover the most important responsibility that the Oracle DBA has: the devel-opment and implementation of a backup plan. An effective backup and recovery plan can save your company millions of dollars in the event of a system failure. Also covered in this section are other methods of quick recovery such as the Oracle standby database, the use of replication for quick recovery, and the use of backup images.

Advanced Topics

Days 19-21 cover more advanced topics such as the use of the Oracle parallel server. Also included is a lesson on Oracle optimization and performance tuning. The book concludes with a lesson about using the Oracle Web Publishing Assistant and an overview of the Oracle Network Computing Architecture (NCA).

I hope these 21 days gave you the knowledge you need to perform the functions of an Oracle database administrator or an informed user. Any amount of knowledge is no substitute for experience. Your next step is to practice and gain experience as an Oracle8 DBA or user. Welcome to the exciting and demanding world of the Oracle database administrator!

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